Equity Executive help build leadership teams for digital companies and their PE and VC investors. We help companies and investors in software, digital media, digital services, internet and e-commerce and fintech appoint Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs and functional leaders appropriate in order to successfully professionalise, accelerate growth, prepare for exit and in some cases transform and turnaround along the way.


Chair  |  CEO  |  CFO  |  COO  |  CTO  |  CPO  |  CCO/CRO  |  CSO  |  CMO  |  HRD/CPO


Software  |  E-commerce & Internet  |  Digital Services  |  Digital Media  |  Fintech


Securing Investment  |  Professionalising  |  Accelerating Growth  |  Preparing for Exit  |  Transformation & Turnaround

Securing Investment – Chairmen, CEOs & CFOs well placed to attract investment, position the business and the market opportunity effectively, negotiate terms and manage the company’s new financial structure.

Professionalising for Growth – Leaders in Finance, Product, Technology, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer & People who can quickly innovate, improve PPT, increase output and meet investor expectations.

Accelerating Growth – The next generation of leadership ideally placed to accelerate growth through new product development, new market entry, international expansion and strategic M&A activity.

Preparing for Exit – Chairmen, CEOs & CFOs that have led successful exits through trade sale, buyout and IPO and can maximise returns by positioning the business in the most attractive and profitable light.

Turnaround – Experts in turnaround to take control of cashflow, reduce costs, improve the business proposition, finance the turnaround plan and make sure the right team is in place to execute the plan.