Working With Us

Each search that we manage is unique, however, over the years we have developed a way of working that helps our clients attract, secure and retain top talent time after time.


Thorough Brief 

We spend considerable time at the outset taking a thorough brief on the business and opportunity so that:

a) all stakeholders are aligned and we can provide appropriate challenge where necessary

b) we can thoroughly map the market and ensure we target our clients’ ideal prospective candidate set

c) we know how to position the business and opportunity in the best light to attract maximum interest in the business and opportunity


Rigorous Searches with Urgency

Thorough market mapping typically conducting 100 hours of candidate research

Depending on the requirement we typically look at the suitability of 50 – 100 prospective candidates

Knowing our market, we know where to find and attract top talent with the right experience quickly

Typically produce shortlists within 2 weeks

Typically complete searches within 5 – 10 weeks of engagement


Competitive, Results Based Fee Structure

Executive appointments – 25% of preferred candidate’s first year base salary

Non-executive appointments – flat £20,000 fee

Largely results based – £5,000 commencement fee and the remainder paid as a success fee once we have helped you secure your preferred candidate