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Each Hiring Guide includes the following:  A) what an Effective CXO Offers  B) Traits of an Effective CXO  C) CXO Job Description Template  D) CXO Salary Guide



CFO, Finance Director

COO, Operations Director

CCO, CRO, Commercial Director

CSO, Sales Director

CMO, Marketing Director

CPO, People Director

Leadership Team Salary Guide 2021

This Leadership Team Salary Guide for UK digital companies and investors gives salary guidance for each position across the leadership team including the positions of Chairman, CEO / Managing Director, CFO / Finance Director, COO / Operations Director, CRO / CCO / Commercial Director, CSO / Sales Director, CMO / Marketing Director and CPO / People Director. The information provided is based on our internal data and external data obtained for the purposes of developing this Salary Guide. There will be exceptions to our findings and caution should be exercised before drawing absolute conclusions.

Leadership Team Salary Guide 2021